Welcome to PC Confusion Solution LLC

PC Confusion Solution, LLC serving the Wausau and Merrill, WI area can provide tips on how to complete your personal and business computer tasks efficiently.

Owner, Lucy Hoerter has degrees in accounting, programming, and networking as well as supervisory management.  Her diverse academic background and work experience allows her to communicate effectively with all her customers, troubleshoot hardware and software issues and provide the results they are seeking. With over 15 years in the business she is extremely knowledgeable and confidently handles both residential and small businesses technology.
Lucy can setup and teach you how to use your iPad or other tablet for personal and business needs.

Services Available:
On-site PC setup.
     Have you recently purchased a computer or other PC hardware?
     Need help with setup?
     Need hardware or software installed?
Troubleshoot PC hardware.
     Includes printers, scanners, hard drives, etc. 
Troubleshoot PC Software.
     Includes most Microsoft programs, all Windows operating systems, and more.  ·       
On-site PC hardware or software training.
     Want to know how to keep your PC operating efficiently?
     Need to know how to create or format text documents?
     Struggle with sending emails to friends and relatives?
     Need documents scanned into MS Word for editing?
     Having troubles learning Windows 8?
Consultation services. 
     Need advice on how to best fulfill your computer needs at home or small business?

WANT TO use your computer to communicate with friends and relatives?  Learn how to use your computer in the comfort of your home. We can provide training to people of all ages and start at whatever level best serves the individual’s needs from beginning to advanced users.
Starting a new business and need PC support?   Let PC Confusion Solution LLC help ease the stress of dealing with computer hardware and software.